Church Offerings Just a Text Message Away
Posted By: Catherine Kim

DECATUR, Ga. -- It's a crucial part of church services for the congregation to provide its church with offerings as the offering tray is passed. But a Decatur church is giving its members a couple of high tech ways to donate.

"You go online. You set up an account to give. You select a 4 digit pin and you're able give to the ministry through your mobile phone," said Raymond Steib, First Assistant Pastor at Changing Generation Church.

Texting Cell PhoneInstead of cash or check, at Changing Generation church, members can text message their offerings. The program by Ministry Kiosks "Giving on Mobile" launched a month ago at the church .

It is a high tech offering plate for a congregation on the go. Then, there's plastic, where gifts can be made at a kiosk -- debit or credit -- for a cash-free transaction, and a recepit for the offering tray.

"Unfortunately, I do not carry cash a lot of time or my checkbook, so I live by my ATM card," said Kimberley Robertson, who is a church member.

"I do not carry cash at all, so I'm part of the cashless society," said Robert Maxwell, using kiosks called the "Giving Center."

"You enter your donation amount, your membership number, swipe your card, designate funds if you're interested in donating to a particular ministry. And that's it," said Robertson.

It is, for many, a sign of the times. For the congregation, the kiosk and mobile giving are convenient alternatives to dictate how much to what church programs. And for the church, it is a progressive means to increase donations, produce accurate records, and bring more accountability.

"It allows for me to quickly reconcile my bank account," said Maxwell.

"It's mindblowing how many people came up and said 'wooh.' It's like the light went off and they were excited," said Steib.

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